The timetable and map contain daily schedules and the performance site map - it's all you need to know about where to be and when. Map out the shows or acts that you would like to see each day and arrive at the performance / pitch site early enough to claim a good viewing position. Remember this year you can secure your seats to night shows online right up until show time. If seats remain on the day they will be available from the Buskers Bookings Booth, but only if there are some left.


Wear comfortable shoes, and layer up as Busker Park has its own climate. A hat and plenty of sunscreen if you decide to show off a bit of skin. Bring along a bit of dosh as these performers are really worthy of your donations. 


If you forget your cash, it's sweet as! There will be ATM's on hand to ensure you keep rewarding our performers but why wait in a queue when you could be checking out all our amazing performers? Come prepared.


Be aware that performers may ask you to participate in their shows. Please feel free to decline for any reason and please use caution and common sense at all times. 


Car parking is available off Harper Ave. And this year it is 100% free! You can park up and make a day and night of it more so than ever! Bike or walk if you can. Heaps of bike parking will be available. We also have the Spark Bikes on site this year so make sure you are all set up by heading to their website right here.


For BUSKER PARK festival-goers, you're welcome to bring food into the park - picnic rugs and low chairs are also ok. We have a selection of the cities best foodies onsite. Laughing burns a lot of calories - so if you run out of food and drinks there is plenty on hand! 


If you're going to a night show make sure you check any restrictions - be sure to bring your ID if it is one of the few restricted show. You must show age identification before coming into the venue. This year most shows do not have restrictions but do have adult content including nudity in a couple of them. We still have R.O.A.R so use your common sense please. No matter what, we aren't going to let an eight year old into a night show that contains adult themes. Simple.


Don't bring alcohol to the park under any circumstances or we'll just have to dis-invite you, and we don't like doing that! The entire park area is licensed this year after 5pm so you can roam between the stages with your beer or wine.

For those over 18 there will be festival bars. These are open during the day and for attendees of shows at night. All venues have a smaller bar inside of them.

We are responsible hosts, please, know your limits as any intoxication will give us no choice but to eject you from Busker Park. We will be doing bag checks at all venues this year so just leave your own stuff at home OK!


Blue Star Taxis will be around if you need a ride home at night. We're responsible hosts and want everyone to have a great time and to get home safely. If you can't find a taxi you can reach them on (03) 3799 799


We'll be Facebooking, Tweeting, Instagramming and even Snapchatting. We love to see how you enjoy the festival - get posting! Make sure to use the hashtags. #wbf2016 #buskersfestival2016 #worldbuskersfestival.