The 2016 World Buskers Festival carries on the tradition of offering a programme of events, which showcases the top international and national performers to Christchurch as part of the 10 day event.

The Festival has been instrumental in supporting the development of emerging artists who go on to become Festival regulars and international successes. With an established history of providing development opportunities, the World Buskers Festival has played an integral role in our home-grown talents becoming professional artists.

In January 2016, during the Festival, The World Buskers Festival will provide a workshop series offering a unique opportunity to learn and develop performance skills from top international performers.

  • Comedy workshop

    Monday 18 January - Friday 22 January

    5 day comedy workshop intensive, including final performance
    (13 - 18 years old)

  • Hip Hop / Breakdance workshop

    Saturday 23 January

    2.5 hour intensive workshop
    (13 years and over)

  • Burlesque workshop

    Saturday 23 January

    1.5 hour intensive workshop
    (18 years and over)

As an organisation encouraging the development of our future artists is vital, so we are pleased to be able to offer four full scholarships - two for the full 2-day street performance workshops and two for the comedy workshops. These scholarships will allow students who potentially would not be able to attend the workshops the opportunity to work with top international performers to develop their performance skills.

To apply for a scholarship send us Scholarship application email answering the following questions:

1. Workshop are you applying for?

2. Outline what the opportunity to attend the World Buskers Festival workshops on a scholarship would mean to you and what are your aspirations as a performer?

Send your Scholarship application email to festivaldirector@worldbuskersfestival