The idea and initiative to stage the World Buskers Festival came about because a group of local street performers were very vocal about their exclusion from festivals such as the Festival of Romance. They wanted a festival they, and other artists like them, could feature in so over many planning meetings, and too many coffees, Vicki Buck (Mayor of Christchurch) and Jodi Wright (Director of The Festival of Romance) hatched a plan to create an international Street Performance festival for the city of Christchurch.

After much more discussions they decided to name the event the World Buskers Festival - a name with a statement of intent. The first World Buskers Festival was staged in January 1994.

Over the following years the event grew and grew to become one of the most known and best street performance festivals of its kind. Throughout the past 23 years over 1000 different performers have come to Christchurch to make people laugh, gasp and to entertain them with their hijinkx.

As time went on the World Buskers Festival started to evolve. The introduction of night shows such as Stand-up comedy began to today where there is a full night time line-up of fringe and variety style shows.

On September 2010 Christchurch was rocked by a 7.1 earthquake and while causing destruction no loss of life occured and the festival returned to the streets in January the following year. The festival had wrapped up when no less than one month later the devastating February 22 Earthquake hit which destroyed the central city and any pitches/sites that were there.

In 2012 the World Buskers Festival moved to its new home as part of Hagley Park. Taking over the entire park it became Busker Park. The World Buskers Festival remains there to this day but will one day take back the streets in the central city.

2013 World Buskers Festival Line-up and Tabloid

2014 World Buskers Festival Line-up and Tabloid

2015 World Buskers Festival Line-up and Tabloid